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pregnancy support and birth prep

support for a conscious and connected experience

As an undeniably spiritual and transitional unraveling, I firmly believe that birth offers women, partners and parents opportunities that are rare to come by. By investing in this experience through support services, educational resources and a return to the self, you will explore the corners of these opportunities and integrate them into your being. This offering is for those who are wanting support pre and postnatally, but do not desire the birth attendance by a doula or support person. By receiving support and guidance before and after birth, you feel prepared to navigate labour, birth, your options, what's possible, and set up the postpartum that works best for you and your family.

As your support person, my main role is to create a space where you can cultivate your self-trust. Trust in your body, your baby, your partner, and the experience that is unfolding. This is unique to you and your experience, however our sessions can include:

~ understanding birth as a physiological event
~ birth tips for working with your physiology
~ education around the hospital birthing systems
~ relaxation tools for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding
~ breastfeeding education and resources
~ preparation for partners and other children
~ postpartum organisation
~ connection exercises for you and your partner 
~ tens machine and CUB hire (by request)
~ maternity photos by request (on film)

I am committed to acknowledging and supporting the initiation for men as they transition into fatherhood, reaching out and reminding them that their experience, though different, is seen and heard. I in no way impinge on their place and power within this journey, and instead am support for women and their partners, protecting this space for you to explore this together.

The journey of same-sex parents and non-binary couples is one I acknowledge and support as I continue to expand my knowledge of their unique experiences navigating cultural and systematic attitudes. As I continue to become more aware of my own cultural conditioning, I work to break this down to be the best support for all family and couple dynamics.

Please contact me if you are experiencing financial hardship, as accessible plans can be created. This support is a right, not a privilege. 

This is available online as a virtual offering and will consist of 3-5 sessions.

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