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about me 


​As a devoted birth worker, I am considerate of all family dynamics and life experiences, as I facilitate a safe space of continuous support for women and their partners. I am committed to bringing attention to the initiation of men into fatherhood, as well as women and their expansive capabilities.

With my psychology background, I have a natural inclination to deeply explore all facets of life and as your journey brings forward self-inquiry and spiritual growth, you will be seen and supported. Our children offer an incredible gift that can be easily missed when we are not attuned to ourselves but instead wrapped up in the stir of the world around us. They bring forward the hard questions we try to avoid, they ask us to confront our history, challenge our conditioned ways of living and thinking and become mirrors of the parts of ourselves we strive to ignore. It is by giving yourself time and space to consider these facets of life that makes room for deeper love, joy, and self-assurance.




You can find me with my head in a book or connecting with and exploring the natural world. As a genuinely curious individual about our minds and souls, I'm always expanding my knowledge by reading or listening to pieces that explore consciousness and women's lived experiences.


My own experience of womb and woman-focused shame, pain, and disregard by our biomedical system propelled me to enquire deep within myself questioning not only my self-view but the views I held of the world I live in. This journey began with the menstrual cycle and the taboo of this very natural occurrence and led me to the rite of passage many women are taught to fear and hide: birth.


Through the years of a strong commitment to my health and happiness, I have learned invaluable practices to bring women back to their centre, where their intuition and power are held. I bring these practices forth not only in my daily life but for all my client's experiences and the wonderful connections we make along the way.

I have spent some years on a deeply profound and beautiful preconception journey and am committed to sharing the opportunities within the time of preconception and how consciously conceiving our children can change the trajectory not only for our experience but their lifetime.


I am currently in the third trimester of my first pregnancy, and finding the integration of all I have learned and practiced to date life-changing. 


Birth Doula Training - Doula Training Academy 
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Gender and Sexuality (ongoing)

Hypnobirthing Support Caregivers Course
Birth Physiology Rachel Reed course 
Bengkung Belly Binding 
Integrative Womb Hara Massage, Yoni Steaming and Moxibustion

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