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Your natal lunar phase; the second fertile window in your menstrual cycle

Dr Eugen Jonas, a doctor in the 1950s had a keen interest in astrology. Through his work and research, he found that women have a second fertile window, known as their lunar phase or lunar conception.

Want to know how to find out when your lunar phase is? Just look up the moon phase at the time, date, and location of your birth. When this moon phase returns each month, your fertility has a peak (as well as your regular ovulation day). This means you have the potential to conceive on this moon phase each month.

When I first read this in my favourite book, Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish, I was a bit unsure of its credibility. Through my doula training, we had an incredible zoom call with the amazing Jane Hardwicke Collings. Throughout this call, she also mentioned this fertile window. As she spoke about this natal lunar phase, it made sense when we look at all the women who conceive while bleeding and on unusual days of the month. I decided to use myself as an experiment for this.

As I continue to chart my menstrual cycle, I saw and noted the common effects of my ovulation. Raised basal body temperature, increased mucous, increased libido, and a boost in energy. Once I began noting which day would be my lunar phase, I noticed I had those same effects on that day.

Incredible, right?!

This is great to know for both conception and contraception. If we are looking specifically at conception, inquire into when your partners' lunar phase is and see if they sync up at all (not a necessity for conception, just an incredible occurrence that sometimes happens).

Another great boost for your fertility is syncing up your natal lunar phase with your day ovulation. This, again, is not necessary but can be seen to give an extra boost to the success of conception. Certain meditations can help with this, and you can find more in the book I mentioned above, or at the Natural Fertility website and clinic, based in Sydney NSW.



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