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currently emerged in my own magical pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey ~ offerings are limited at this time


I offer women and their families holistic support through the modalities of sacred birth support, birth photography and the devotional bodywork of integrative womb hara massage.

By committing to the unravelling of myself over the past decade, alongside my education in Birth support and Psychology, Gender and Sexuality, I find myself wanting to have conversations that matter.

The work I offer provides a safe space for women to reflect internally on the journey that has been and the journey yet to be had. I am devoted to supporting my clients through inviting presence, awareness and softness in their approach to living and fulfilling their unique desires for their life experiences. 


I understand the inextricable link between our body and our psyche, and how we can reconnect and strengthen the relationship between the two. In my belief, it is imperative to challenge the dominant culture around womanhood and motherhood by focusing on this relationship and nurturing ourselves through the rites of passage in our lives.

Contact me via my website contact page to talk further about how I can support you in this season of your life.

Big love,

Cara Burns

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