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integrative womb hara treatment
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Integrative womb hara massage is the devotional touch and intentional focus on the energetic and physiological pathways to and around the pelvic bowl. Much of what we experience, memories stored and felt emotions are held within our pelvic region, and specifically as women, within our womb space. This can often cause stagnation of energy flow and dis-ease within the body or mind.


By releasing tension, creating easeful blood flow and detoxification, the womb space offers you aligned creativity, freedom, insight and healing, and depth of experience. Fused together by Natalie Zukerman, Womb Hara massage encompasses Mayan abdominal massage, fertility massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Womb awakening and emotional anatomy. This massage is relational medicine and is not direct or linear. It is tailored to your unique body, womb and circumstances as I intuitively feel through my body and onto yours, assessing the different parts of your energetic and physiological pathways.


It is very common to release emotion throughout this treatment, please be assured you are in a safe place to do so and open conversation is available during the session.

Locating your womb

I suggest you locate your womb before your treatment, as it is much lower than many believe. Locate your pelvic bone first, you can expect your womb to sit roughly a pinkie fingers length up from this space. Some wombs are retroflexed, meaning you and I may not be able to feel it.

Physical and emotional conditions this massage supports:

Pelvic pain
Sexual trauma and abuse
Menstrual pain and cycle-related challenges
Digestive issues such as appetite, constipation, gas and bloating
Ovarian cysts



Lower back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica and tightness of the sacrum

Organ prolapse

Fertility issues caused by mental, emotional and physical reasons

Energetic blockages caused by trauma in the body

Difficulties getting pregnant

Pre and post-menopausal

Depression, anxiety and stress

Postpartum healing and reconnection

Contraindications of this massage:

Day 1 or 2 of a heavy menstrual bleed, and 2 days before bleed is due
Heavy bleeding postpartum
Post op (contact Cara for more information as different surgeries have different wait times)
If you have an IUD, Mirena or coil
Active STD
Active UTI
Post ovulation IF you are trying to conceive or undergoing IVF
Deep vein thrombosis

Where do I practice womb hara massage from?

I practice in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions. For those in the Southern Highlands, you are welcome to contact me for in-home sessions. 


Introductory pricing:

1st session - $200

Consecutive sessions - $170

I acknowledge those experiencing financial hardship and wish to offer you the same opportunities regardless. If this is you, please contact me below and we can speak further about how I can still support you.

* Gift vouchers are available for Womb Hara Massage. Please contact me via the form below to enquire.

Contact me for further questions or to book

Each woman who reawakens and reconnects to her womb space brings a little more magic into the world.

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