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postpartum support

support for a conscious and connected experience

In a culture that values independence, individualization, and the nuclear, segregated family structure, the postpartum period can often be felt as a period of isolation. Many mothers and new parents experience the early weeks of postpartum with little support, which begins the trajectory of their parenting journey. This reduced support is not at the fault of the individuals and couple, but a wider cultural concern in a social system set up to neglect the needs of not only women but also mothers and new parents. 

A 2023 study looking at the support received or absent for new parents found that "decreased social support was associated with an increased risk of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and impaired parent-infant bonding. Among women reporting low practical support, emotional support appeared to protect against clinically significant depressive symptoms and impaired bonding with the infant." (White et al. 2023).

With families living across states and countries, partners needing to return to work earlier than desired due to the high cost of living, and the overall cultural conditioning and under-acknowledgment of such a transitional time, many new families are left with insufficient support.

My postpartum support focuses heavily on ensuring you and your family are nourished through wholesome, healthy, and intentional dishes. Specific foods are ideal in the postpartum period when healing is underway, bonding is a priority, and breastfeeding can leave you feeling drained. Beyond this, my postpartum support can also include:

~ grocery shopping
~ meal preparation and cooking

~ house cleaning and resetting
~ emotional and mental support
~ bengkung belly binding

or in other words, mothering the mother.

I am committed to acknowledging and supporting the initiation for men as they transition into fatherhood, reaching out and reminding them that their experience, though different, is seen and heard. I in no way impinge on their place and power within this journey, and instead am support for women and their partners, protecting this space for you to explore this together.

The journey of same-sex parents and non-binary couples is one I acknowledge and support as I continue to expand my knowledge of their unique experiences navigating cultural and systematic attitudes. As I continue to become more aware of my own cultural conditioning, I work to break this down to be the best support for all family and couple dynamics.

Please contact me if you are experiencing financial hardship, as accessible plans can be created. This support is a right, not a privilege. 

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