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birth photography

Capturing experiences provides us with the great gift of reliving beautiful moments over and over again.

Birth photography allows you to recall the moments of your birth when you were deep within yourself, disconnected from the outside world. It provides ongoing reverence of your birth and body as you reflect on the way you and your partner worked together, the motions of your labour, and the very first moments you met your baby.

As a much-loved hobby, photography has been with me for many moons. As I continue to gain experience in the field, I would love to offer you, your partner, and your birth a collection of moments to look back on.

It's imperative to me that you feel comfortable and safe with me prior to your birth, allowing for the easeful flow of your labour without the interruption of unfamiliar energies. To do this, we will be in contact and connect before your birth to discuss in further detail your birth preferences and what you're hoping for from your birth photography. You can expect to receive the photos within 2 weeks of your birth via online transfer or USB if preferred. 

I do my very best to adapt to the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of birth. I will always endeavor to capture images of the following, but am first and foremost guided by what you would like me to capture:
~ you and your partner working together through the labour
~ the labour environment
~ the way in which you navigate your way through labour
~ crowning and birthing of your baby
~ first skin to skin
~ first breastfeed
~ the couple of hours after birth
~ your placenta

As I don't practice photography in a professional setting but have loved it as a hobby for many years, I offer this service purely out of creative intent and love. Contact me for more information surrounding what is involved.

Investment: $700

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
– Dorothea Lange

If you want to know more

Contact me below. This is a moment in your life you will want to be able to look back on!

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